What makes your work different from anyone else’s work?

We’re basically storytellers, and definitely love it! We aim to catch the most incredible moments of your life, telling who you really are, showing your raw emotions.

Our way of living, our passion for traveling and discovering new things, places and cultures made us who we are. We do not like posed photography, we aim to keep our photos authentic and timeless. Movies are our bread and butter, we filter our photographic style through a “cinematic” eye. Cinema is our greatest source of inspiration, our style, our use of light and color come from the silver screen.

Our past experiences in the fashion industry are the key point of our approach, we’ve worked together in adv agencies for several years, which still has a strong influence on our style.

Can we see a full gallery?

Absolutely, we’ll be very happy to share some with you. We always send our couples a full gallery before they book us. In this way, you can see our way of working and you can know what you can expect.

What equipment do you use?

We shoot with Leica cameras. We use a variety of prime professional lenses. We’re in love with film photography, so we always bring with us an analogue Leica camera and some Kodak and ILFORD rolls.

Do you have backup equipment?

Our 4 primary camera bodies have dual slots, so your photos are immediately backed up twice. We have two backup camera bodies. We do also have backup lenses and flashes.

Do you do a backup of our photos?

As soon as we get home from your wedding we immediately back up the images to an external hard drive. We also have a specific portable hard drive that we use for travel weddings and the images get backed up onto our laptop hard drive as well as a portable hard drive, then backed up again to my primary hard drives and online (cloud) as soon as we get home.

We keep all your wedding images until they are edited and delivered. We do not delete edited + delivered images, we do also keep a backup of RAW images for at least 1 year.

Do you also provide video services?

We do not do video directly, because we’ve chosen to specialize in photography, but we often collaborate with some incredible videographers with a very similar style to ours. We’d be really pleased to introduce them to you.


Would you travel with us to a destination? Where are you based?

Of course! If you're willing to have your wedding somewhere special, we’re definitely in! Travelling is one of our favorite things, so our luggage is always ready. We would be definitely stoked to meet you anywhere across the world. We are based in Amalfi Coast, Italy and shoot worldwide.

What is the cost of travel to my elopement or wedding? Are there travel fees?

Our travel fees are included in all of our packages in Italian cities (except islands). Regarding Europe and the rest of the world, we’ll talk about travel expenses previously you’ll sign your contract, so you don't have to worry about any extra or unexpected costs.

We want to elope, but don’t know where. Can you help with that?

Sure! Just let us know your inspiration ideas for your elopement and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the location that will perfectly suit your needs. We’ll help you with the scouting and research of vendors too.

Wedding Day

Will you need a timeline for the day?

Yes, thank you, having a timeline for the day would be really important to us, this will help you keep on track throughout the day and moments aren’t missed.  Usually, we need this timeline some weeks before the wedding to perfectly follow you all day long.

One of our guests is a photographer, can he/she shoot too?

Since we’re the photographers hired by you, we always ask to be the exclusive photographers. Family and friends of yours shall not interfere with our duties, especially during the ceremony and special moments (like the first dance, the cutting of the cake and so on…). Guests will be asked to refrain from taking flash photographs at certain intervals of the event to ensure proper exposure of images.

What’s your opinion about having an unplugged wedding?

That would be amazing! We always encourage you to ask your guests to kindly put their phones away to truly enjoy your wedding. In this way, you’ll avoid having photos of people watching you through their devices.

We’re so awkward in front of the camera, how could you help us?

As we do not like posed photography and we aim to keep our photos authentic, we always do our best to let our couples feel at ease and relaxed in front of our lenses. We love to let our couples feel at ease and act naturally even during a portrait session. During this moment we usually give them only a few instructions, such as moving towards the best backdrop for example.

We shoot making people not sense our presence, even if we're part of the scene they're living and we're close to them.

We always try to make our clients feel at ease and relaxed in order to let them look spontaneous and gorgeous in their photos. In this way, we manage to catch authentic moments of joy and raw emotions. Sometimes our photos could seem to be posed, but they’re not, we always shoot our clients living their moments naturally. We are always in the background, ready to capture each moment of happiness.

What you get

How do you deliver your photos?

We’ll send you a link to an online gallery that contains all of your edited, high-resolution photos. This will be a password-protected gallery, but you can easily share it with family and friends. From this link, you can also access the section to customize and print albums, postcards and fine art prints.

Do we receive print releases for our images?

Yes, you’ll owe the printing rights, you can make personal copies of the photos we will deliver you. The contract we’ll send you includes a print release for your photos.

Regarding the prints, we highly recommend printing through the gallery we’ll send you. In this way, you’ll surely get high-quality services. Of course, you can choose where to print your photos, but we highly recommend printing an album through us, so we can give you suggestions and let you have access to the highest quality printers.

Do you offer prints and albums?

Yes, definitely! Since we’re so meticulous and our passion for photography is so strong, we’ve selected some of the best quality printers worldwide.

We always highly recommend printing your photos through the gallery we’ll send you. In this way, you’ll surely get high-quality services. Your orders will be fulfilled through some high-quality print labs we’ve partnered with.

You can choose among various fine art printed albums, customizing them on your preferences directly through our website. Since our clients come from all over the world, we've selected some of the best suppliers worldwide to allow you to have the best quality, lowering shipping costs.

Our wedding packages come with a print credit to apply towards your purchase, in fact, if you buy an album within a month from the delivery of the photos, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your purchase. Of course, you can choose where to print your photos, but we highly recommend printing an album through us since we can give you suggestions and let you have access to the highest quality printers. 

Can we share the photos on Social Media?

Sure you can, we just kindly ask you to credit us. You can simply add “Photography Mary & Maurizio - Quattro Studio” to the description of each image. Then please tag us on social media (@quattrost on Instagram and on Facebook).

Can I get the RAW image files?

Sorry, no. Editing to us is very important, it is such an important feature of our photo and without this step, the pictures are only halfway done. We never leave out any photos that you want. If you feel we missed delivering a photo, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’d be more than happy to double-check this for you.

When we edit the photos, which takes several hours together with years of experience, we make a severe quality control process. Only in this way you can receive every image that is a worthy representation of both our work and the moments of your wedding day.

Post-production to us means giving to a picture a sort of strength, something that makes it unique.

It “completes” the process of the birth of a photo.


How far should we book you in advance?

The best would be to get in touch as soon as you’ve got your date fixed. The earlier you contact us, the better the chances are that your date is still available.

How could we officially book you?

You only have to contact us here. As soon as you’ll decide to choose us, to officially book your date, we’ll send you a contract and kindly ask you to pay a retainer fee to secure your date.

What are your cancellation/rescheduling policies in relation to covid-19?

In the case of restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, if the date set for your wedding should be postponed, the retainer fee paid by you will be still valid as far as a year. We highly encourage rescheduling over canceling, especially because the initial non-refundable retainer fee can easily be transferred to use for another date or used for a different type of session. The new potential date must be previously agreed with us, according to our availability.

Still have questions?

Never mind, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Words from our clients

Clients experiences

Mary and Maurizio were absolutely fantastic

Francesca & Tim

Clients experiences

We would definitely ask for their services again!

Linda & Nathan

Clients experiences

M&M are a great partnership, whom take amazing shots of all varieties and we feel truly honoured that they photographed our wedding

Amy & Martyn

Clients experiences

They are talented photographers who capture beautiful moments you didn’t even know you were having

Lisa & Chris

Clients experiences

We couldn't recommend Mary & Maurizio enough

Brittnay & Riley

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