Elope in Italy – best spots for your elopement in Italy

Publication date: 10 April 2024Updated: 10 April 2024
Elope in Italy – best spots for your elopement in Italy

Why elope in Italy?

Eloping in Italy is definitely one of the most romantic ways of getting married. A whimsical and intimate wedding in one of the most ancient countries of the world, with its historical and artistic heritage and beautiful nature.

With time the meaning of the word elopement has changed a lot, once it used to mean a marriage conducted in a sudden and secret way, which usually involved a hurried escape from your home together with your loved one with the intention of getting married. 

Nowadays it has gained a much more romantic and fascinating meaning, it is a small and intimate wedding which allows more emphasis and intensity between the couple, who’s celebrating their love alone or with a limited number of guests, usually their closest family members and friends. The most incredible thing about an elopement is that the priority is you and your loved one.

You can choose to elope on a cliff of a mountain, in a woods, on a rocky spur overlooking the sea, on a beach, in an old secluded chapel, in a small mansion or, why not, in your garden or living room.

You have complete freedom, it’s your day and you can completely express yourself through an elopement, you can do things your way. 

Elopement in Italy - Elopement in Italy

Can a foreigner get married in Italy?

Of course. To elope in Italy is subject to easy administrative procedures. You can ask for all the information to your home country’s consular or embassy in Italy, they will tell you what kind of paperwork you need to arrange your elopement in Italy.

10 good reasons to elope in Italy

  1. You will have a terrific backdrop behind you, incredible nature or artistic sites could be the perfect setting for your elopement in Italy.
  2. Italian atmosphere is definitely unique, you can’t find anything similar, it has got its Mediterranean mood and an immense artistic heritage. 
  3. The weather from Mary through October is gorgeous, it is usually always sunny.
  4. If you’re thinking of a winter elopement in Italy you’ll find mild winters and in some locations, you can find lots of snow as well, that will make your elopement even more unique and romantic.
  5. Eloping in Italy means choosing between a huge variety of locations and sceneries: you can have a romantic or elopement with the unique Mediterranean mood, like in Amalfi Coast or Apulia, you can have an elopement in one of the oldest monuments or mansions in Tuscany among its gorgeous nature, you can have an elopement on one of the higher Alps cliffs with a breathtaking view or an elegant elopement in one of the Italian lakes.
  6. Delicious food and wine. Yes, Italy is also famous all over the world for its unique tastes, culinary traditions and lots of different kinds of wines and liqueurs. So your elopement reception menu will surely delight you. 
  7. An elopement could help you saving money that you can spend on the decorations, the flowers, or the dress you have always dreamed of.
  8. To elope in Italy is subject to very easy administrative procedures. You only have to communicate with your home country’s consular or embassy in Italy, they will give you all the instructions and information you need. Anyone can be married in Italy.
  9. As Italy is one of the most amazing places all over the world, after your wedding day, you can spend your honeymoon there discovering its regions with their beauties, delicious food and having superfine wine tastings. You’ll find lots of historic cities to visit and breathtaking landscapes to discover.
  10. Wherever your Italian destination will be, your elopement in Italy will surely leave a mark in your hearts and your memories will last forever.
Plan your elopement - Plan your Elopement

How to arrange an elopement in Italy?

If you’re arranging an elopement, think about all the organization of the entire event, everything will be surely less stressful and agreeable than a classical wedding.  Few steps and everything will be ready for the big day.

First of all contact your embassy in Italy, then follow their instructions and choose a date and the right location.

Now it’s time to decide the people you want to be close to you on your wedding day. You may decide to be only the two of you, you may choose to have with you your parents, siblings and best friends too. The important thing is to recreate the atmosphere of intimacy you desire.

In Italy every location is really worth it, here you can arrange the elopement of your dream because this country offers to you several different settings and you‘ll find many qualified vendors that could help you make your dream elopement come true.

Of course, do not forget to accurately choose your elopement dress, bearing in mind that you have to wear something very special, but also quite comfortable depending on the location you’re gonna choose, maybe you’re gonna have to walk a little bit to reach it.

Where to elope in Italy?

So now, you’ve decided to elope in Italy, but there’s one more question: where is the best place to get married in Italy?

Italy offers a bride and groom lots of choices, sea or mountain, lavish or rural locations, so think about the mood you’d like to give to your elopement and then you’re ready to decide the Italian place that perfectly suits your taste.

Elopement packages in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most incredible Italian regions, its landscape is unique: gentle hills, warm colors, historic mansions, wild nature and old castles. The Tuscan relaxed atmosphere will allow you to arrange a rustic elopement in an ancient hamlet or villa, like in Volterra, Chiantishire, Valdorcia area or Crete of Siena, you’ll be surrounded by paths that lead through the countryside, among cypresses, olive trees, vineyards and hills, on which hundred-year-old country houses or fortified cities stand. Then, you can also choose the have an elegant elopement in a luxurious mansion or hotel in one of the Tuscan artistic cities like for example Florence, Lucca or Siena. This Italian region is well known worldwide for its gorgeous nature, artistic heritage and delicious food and wine.

Elopement packages in Apulia

Warm weather, cities of Art, amazing beaches with an uncontaminated sea, gorgeous nature, huge esplanades of olive trees, warm hospitality delicious food: that’s Apulia, in the deep South of Italy. This region has got several local traditions and every area has its own ones, you will feel deeply immersed in an atmosphere of yesteryear. An elopement in an ancient Masseria (old farmhouse) or in a little hamlet made of Trulli (the houses with the cone-shaped roofs) would be truly unforgettable. Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Otranto, Lecce,  are only a few of the breathtaking locations you will find for the most romantic elopement in Apulia.

Elopement packages in Lake of Como

If you’re searching for a chic elopement, Lake of Como will perfectly suit your taste. Italian lakes are among the most luxurious elopement locations in Italy: Bellagio, Cernobbio, Ossuccio, Varenna, Tremezzo, Isola Comancina with their historic mansions and romantic landscapes. The lake has got its own peculiar beauty, a mix of romanticism and old-style glamour, the backdrop will be the true protagonist of the entire setting.  You can choose to elope in a boat cruising the lake, in a garden overlooking the water or in one of the historic hotels of the area.

Elopement packages in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is surely one of the most stunning backdrops you can find in Italy. The blue of the sea, the sculpted rocks and the perfect harmony between nature and characteristic pastel-colored houses will leave you breathless. You can elope in one of the exclusive villas of Positano or Capri. In a picturesque Mediterranean hotel decorated by maiolica (the typical colorful ceramics they make in the Coast) in Amalfi or Praiano, or in a historic hotel in Ravello or Sorrento. Another option is having an intimate elopement in an agritourism, to have a more rural atmosphere or on a hill overlooking the beautiful Coast, surrounded by nature. The Amalfi Coast is also renowned for its culinary heritage, the authentic Mediterranean cuisine. And after your elopement in the Amalfi Coast, you can surely spend some amazing days here, enjoying the stunning villages and relaxing by the Coast blue sea.

Elopement packages on the Alps

Looking for something more adventurous? Italian Alps are the answer, in South Tyrol and the Dolomite Alps you can enjoy terrific landscapes both during summers or winters. You can elope on a cliff overlooking huge valleys surrounded by incredible nature thick and impenetrable spruce forests and never-ending landscapes. The smell of alpine nature will be the protagonist of your elopement on the Italian Alps together with the quietness that these places inspire. You can tie the knot in a mystical atmosphere and then can celebrate your happiness in a romantic alpine  hut

Elopement weddings in Italy

So, if you’d love to spend your wedding day with your favorite people, closest family and friends in an amazing location, with no stress, choosing every single detail of your special day following your heart, choose an elopement in Italy. You will remember it for a lifetime. Having an intimate wedding will also allow you to spend more than one day with your loved ones, you can arrange a special weekend with them with parties, brunches, spa days, day trips, wine tasting and cooking classes, long walks, even a trip to the sea.

Italy will be the perfect place to have your elopement in which the keywords are: intimacy and authenticity.

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