Romantic wedding in Italy

Publication date: 10 April 2024Updated: 10 April 2024
Romantic wedding in Italy
Wedding Reception in Italy - Romantic wedding in Italy

Are you dreaming of having the most romantic wedding ever? Italy, named the Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country), is definitely your place!

Italy has got such an immense history. You’ll find Medieval villages all over the country and Greek influences like in Sicily or Paestum for example. Then in Rome, Pompeii, and Herculaneum, you can find Roman ruins. Italy has got lots of remains of the Byzantine and Renaissance periods too, you’ll find pieces of history in every corner!

There’s no more romantic location than Italy, here you can tie the knot surrounded by Mediterranean nature, in an ancient church, on a beautiful hill or in fragrant meadows.

This country is acknowledged as one of the birthplaces of Western culture, Italy means history, culture, and beauty all over the world and thanks to this peculiar characteristics, your wedding day will be unique, so romantic and elegant at the same time.

Italy is also famous worldwide for its unique cultural heritage, its delicious cuisine and its exclusive fashion. This country also offers a wide variety of sceneries: wonderful coasts, terrific mountains, alpine lakes and historical cities.

Some of the best location to get married in Italy, where to plan the most romantic Italian wedding ever are surely: the Amalfi Coast with Sorrento, AmalfiPositanoRavello, Capri, the region of Lombardy with  Milan, Pavia, Mantua, Lake Garda and Lake of Como, then the Italian Riviera with the spectacular Cinque Terre, or Tuscany with Florence, Siena, Volterra or the region of Apulia with its amazing farms among olive trees, or Rome and Venice.

If you are thinking about planning your destination wedding in the typical Italian countryside, you’re surely thinking about Tuscany, here you can find huge vineyards with some of the best wine of the world, delicious food with unique flavors and amazing landscapes.

So arranging a destination wedding in Tuscany would be the answer, it’s much easier than you could imagine, a very good help for planning your wedding day could come from the excellent staff of Italy Weddings.

Villa Ulignano Volterra -  Villa di Ulignano

One of the most incredible wedding locations in Tuscany is Villa di Ulignano, located in Ulignano, the town of Volterra.

This villa will definitely leave you breathless for its beauty and its amazing garden with centuries-old-trees.

Here you can find many facilities to spend your time having fun such as the swimming pool, the game rooms, the saunas and so on.

One of the most beautiful thing in Villa di Ulignano is that you can spend here some daysbefore and after your wedding with your family and friends.

In Villa di Ulignano your wedding would be definitely unforgettable, you could tie the knot outdoors with its enchanting panoramic views over the Tuscan hills.

With its beautiful cities, its countryside and artistic heritage Tuscany offer lots of gorgeous wedding venues that would make your wedding unique.

That’s for sure: Italy would make your big day even more memorable and would give a very particular charm to your wedding.Land of ancient stories, traditions, cultures, Italy will perfectly host your wedding day.

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They shoot weddings in Tuscany, Como Lake, Apulia, Amalfi Coast of course, and abroad. They’ve worked together in adv agencies for several years, dealing with fashion and lifestyle, and this still has a strong influence on their style. Travels and cinema are also some of their greatest sources of inspiration.
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