Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Have you ever thought of having a winter wedding?

A bucolic winter backdrop or a snowy landscape could be the perfect romantic, whimsical or adventurous ambiance for a winter wedding. 

If you get married during winter months you’ll have more chances to personalize your wedding day.

Every vendor can spend more time with you taking care of the arrangement of your winter wedding, they’ll be freer than the busy season.

Of course, we all love summer and sunny skies, but heat, crowded places and busy venues could make you think about arranging your own wedding during the winter season.

Everything would be more original, less stressful and less expensive… that’s for sure. 

In addition, while searching for a wedding venue, if you get married in winter, you’re gonna find more availability and better rates. The honeymoon will cost less too because it will not be taken during the school holiday season and you could enjoy some of the summer suns in an exotic destination, a little break from the winter cold.

Having a winter wedding would also mean to avoid stress regarding the weather, you do not have to worry about it, sun, rain, whatever happens, it will perfectly suit for your special day, you do not need a “plan b” location at all. The only pleasant surprise could be getting snowfall on your big day.

And then, what about your make up and hair? Summer humidity is a big enemy on that day, well, getting married during winter will let you avoid that too.

Last but not least: fall or holiday season decorations.

Another amazing thing about getting married during winter is the fact that most of the wedding venues you’re gonna see will be already decorated. In this way, you may customize the venue for your special day, but saving some money too.

But, if a holiday theme does not fit your taste, you have infinite possibilities to customize the decorations and the mood of the day as well.

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Winter portrait photo session

Since the winter landscape has got such a unique charm, you have definitely to arrange a portrait photo session during your winter wedding. We’ll be very happy to help you to arrange it with you. We’ll choose the best time of the day to have the perfect light and, of course, the most gorgeous spots for your photos.

Do not forget to bring with you a shawl and some comfortable shoes to hide under your dress that will help you walk in the snow or in muddy ground.  The colder months can give you incredible and original photos.

You can have truly amazing pictures even on a rainy day. Wanna find some? Please, take a look at a wedding we’ve shot in Amalfi Coast

Winter portrait photo session
Woodsy Bride
Woodsy Bride
Winter weddings venues

Winter weddings venues: create a cozy atmosphere

Think about an ancient castle, a chic hotel, a cozy mountain cabin or an old stately home, you have many possibilities to dress up them as you prefer. 

Getting married in winter will add to your big day a different taste: think about the decorations, the winter florals, pinecones, branches, twinkle lights, the holiday music.

You can have such a magical atmosphere thanks to the warmth and the charm of an internal venue, recreating a true winter wonderland.

Candles and twinkle lights can be the big protagonists of your setting, because the sun will set early than in spring or summer, and they will surely warm up the atmosphere.

You could also add some accessories like shawls or faux fur details, perfect to create necessary warmth, adding that chic touch that evokes the refined mood and the homey ambiance of a cozy mountain cabin.

Do not forget that you could dress up exterior trees and the walkways outside as well, with lights, candles, lanterns and open fires.

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Another amazing resource is Junebug Weddings, here you’ll find incredible ideas for your winter wedding mood

So, just take your time and think about it, having a winter wedding is so original, something different, an authentic dream.